Fun Things To Do This Summer.

I surely can’t be the only one who has a list on their phone of all the fun things that they want to do this Summer? It’s so common for people to talk about all the fun things they are going to get up to but then when the time comes, what do they do? Nothing. Summer really should be appreciated, so to prevent that from happening…. I’m sharing my list with you so that you can get planning.

Make Cocktails


Make Ice Lollies


Making ice lollies and cocktails are great for when you’re having a BBQ, or if you’re just chilling in the garden in the heat. Here’s some recipes below:

Have a Picnic


A cheap date that is actually very romantic! Spend some alone time with your significant other in the sun.

Go For a Bike Ride


This is such a fun thing to do with both friends and family and it’s also an amazing way to get healthy!

Go Walking


It is proven that spending time outdoors with nature is incredible for your mental health. This would be such a beneficial thing to do to break up the Netflix binge and even better, take your furry friend with you!

Outdoor Cinema


I love going to watch films but it’s quite depressing when the weathers nice outside, so watch a film whilst appreciating the outdoors at the same time!

Weekend Getaway


This is a must when the weather is nice. Need some time with your significant other? Go explore a town you’ve never been to before in the sun. For those in the UK, I recommend Cornwall.

Afternoon Tea


Whenever I think of afternoon tea, I think of this as being somewhere you’d go with your Mum or Nan. Spend some time with the most important women in your life and maybe take your sisters and a few of your girls too.

Go To a Theme Park


If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me then I don’t even need to remind you to go to your nearest theme park this summer, this would have already been on your list!

Crazy/Mini Golf


This is such a fun thing to do but it’s so chilled as well. Have a laugh with your pals, have a little to drink and be mesmerised by the crazy lights.

Attend a Festival


What goes perfectly with summer? Music. I must say though, festivals can be very fun but to all those who are attending one, please make sure you stay safe as well as have fun!

Stand up Comedy Show


Another perfect date night activity in my opinion. Is there anything better than laughing with the most important person in your life? I think not.

Read this blog!

I had to throw this one in there didn’t I? I love reading blogs in the mornings as I feel it gives me a positive start to my day, I recommend and as well as The Mood Blog of course!