Why Listening To Your Mood Is Key.

It’s easier to be in a good mood when it’s Feel Good Friday… but what about every other day? One major lesson that I’ve had to learn is that it’s important to listen to your mood. Let me explain.


Being a perfectionist is hard because you think so highly of yourself and always expect yourself to at least try to achieve 100% at what ever you do. But some days, that isn’t going to happen. It’s very important for ambitious people in particular to know that there are some excuses that are valid. Example: excuses like I can’t be bothered aren’t valid. Ambitious perfectionists will already understand that. However, when you’ve had a really crappy day, DO NOT make it worse by forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Yes self discipline is crucial but so is self care! So next time when you’re feeling really down and your brain is telling you to get some work done instead of taking some time out to cheer yourself up. Ignore it. And don’t be angry with yourself about it either!