Why The MOOD Blog Was Born.

I must admit, a podcast is what inspired me to do this post. After listening to The Women of Impact podcast this morning, it reminded me of the real reason why I decided to start this blog and then I knew that this Wellness Wednesday post was going to be a personal one.

On Women of Impact, Natalie Manuel Lee was talking about how people think that they’ll be happy when they get everything that they think defines them as ‘successful.’ She was completely right when she said that people of this mindset will always want more because the things that you think define you as successful, aren’t necessarily the things that are going to bring you happiness. I needed this reminder. It’s important to know that having a beautiful house and earning lots of money isn’t going to solve all of your problems. Happiness comes from how you feel and think and I believe that it has a lot to do with purpose and feeling that what you spend your time on is important no matter whether people see it or not. This actually links in with what The Mood Blog is all about.

I think that feeling like you have some sort of control over your life in general (which we all have!) helps calm your mind. It’s so easy to get caught up in having to do these big, amazing things because you feel like they will make you feel fulfilled, but there are many little things that you can do instead of constantly feeling like you have to move mountains and this goes for absolutely everything in life. For example: in terms of fitness, you may have it in your head that you have to lose 10 stone or however much to live a healthy life but that’s not true! There are lots of little things you can do every day that can easily fit into your lifestyle and will leave you feeling better physically as well as mentally. This can include drinking more water, taking vitamins, working out for 10 minutes per day etc. Another example: we all want to change the world for the better in some way right? We often trick ourselves into thinking that if we’re not making an impact in a huge way, it doesn’t count. Not true. If you don’ have 1 million pounds to donate to charity, don’t make yourself feel guilty about that. Doing your part is important no matter how big or small and all gestures will make you feel great. You could give 10% of your monthly wage to charity every month, you can give food and water to a homeless person, or you can be someone’s shoulder to cry on. You’re absolutely amazing for each and every kind thing that you do.


My intention with every post is for people to realise this is one way or another and to work to improve their lifestyle and their mood in whichever way they can.