Learning To Live In The Moment.

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to start learning how to live in the moment and although I definitely still haven’t mastered this skill, I’m 100% noticing the benefits of the little changes that I have made. You see, I am a level 1000 control freak which means that I like to plan as many details of my day in advance as possible and I hate having to change any of these plans which is obviously inevitable.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to force myself to stop planning my whole life is because being a perfectionist, I constantly felt disappointed in myself for not being able to achieve the impossible which was fitting 50 to do’s into my already busy day. Don’t get me wrong, I still like be organised and I still plan my day to a degree, but I fight the urge everyday not to go back to level 1000 control freak and as a result of this, I’m less hard on myself at the end of the day.


A benefit of living in the moment more, that I didn’t really think about, was giving opportunity to beneficial things that I can do that aren’t possible to predict. I now understand that it’s completely okay to stray from my to do list when I have a burning motivation that is telling me to direct my attention elsewhere. Sometimes, I’ll have a look at some sort of motivational content and I’ll get an idea of how to apply the message to my life and my goals and from that comes an idea of something productive that I can do in regard to this. And at other times, a friend or family member will get in touch and I want to be a bit more spontaneous and go out and do something fun that I hadn’t planned for. This is okay too because spending time with your loved ones may not always count as productive but it is always beneficial to you and your happiness and that needs to be up there with your top priorities.


The message to this motivational content is that as I have said before and I will keep on saying it… balance applies to absolutely everything in life and that includes being organised. It’s smart to have some sort of guideline as to what you want to achieve at the end of the day which of course will make you happy, but it’s okay to find your happiness in other places too.