Morning Tips To Make You A Morning Person.

People are so shocked when I tell them that I am a morning person and they tell me I’m strange. I know that if I was to take a look at their mornings, I would see them rolling around in their beds crying when their alarm goes off. Not me, so who’s really winning here? I force myself out of bed, get dressed, practice some self-care and get productive. For me, it started with the book The Miracle Morning. I realised that although the book had incredible tips, I had to create my own routine that worked for me and I fell in love with the process. Here are some of my top ideas for you to fit into your mornings in order for you to start feeling better about them.



We all know how therapeutic cuddles can be. It’s okay to lounge in bed for 10-15 minutes and what better way to start your day?



Taking 5 minutes out of your morning for some simple yoga stretches is always a good idea. It will reduce your stress, give you energy and help with circulation. No matter how busy your morning is, you still want to feel relaxed.


Listen to a podcast

I love listening to motivational podcasts when I get dressed. It makes me feel motivated and ready to hit goals at work. My current favourite is Women Of Impact. If you take a long time getting ready like me because you insist on wasting your time beating your face every single morning, you may as well make the most of it.


Plan your day

I personally prefer to do this the night before but better late than never right? If you haven’t got a plan by the time morning rolls around, you need to get to planning ASAP because this will set you up for success. It’s so much easier to know what to do when you know what goals to hit and when to work on them. This can be work-related or simple. For example, need to make an appointment? Write it on your to-do list so you don’t forget.


Remind yourself of your goals

Another morning motivational technique. I’m currently focused on moving out with my boyfriend in 2020 so I regularly look on Rightmove and imagine how beautiful our apartment is going to be decorated. It can feel so depressing going to work when you want to lounge around at home instead, but it’s so much easier when you remind yourself of your reason why.


A lot of people use journaling to write down their feelings. I personally (use to) journal so that I could wright my thoughts down in hope of my brain slowing down because I constantly had 5000 things floating around in it. I think it’s great to reflect on how you can be the best version of yourself possible and the person that you want to be. I think about this every morning and when writing it down, rather than writing simple notes, write down why you came to this decision and why it’s so important to you.



Going for a walk in the park has been something that I’ve really enjoyed adding into my routine lately. It’s scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with nature is calming for your mind which makes it perfect to do in the mornings before your day starts to test you so that you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you. I’ve loved adding this into my routine because it doesn’t just benefit me, it benefits my fur baby too. This is something that I and my boyfriend have really enjoyed doing together recently.


If you’re not religious, think of this as a simple gratitude exercise. On my morning walks, I love to talk to god and remind him of all the things I am grateful for and thank him for blessing me. It’s so easy to find yourself in a miserable morning mood because let’s admit it, we would all much rather stay in the company of our own home. Remembering how lucky you are is a great method to push you out of that morning mood.

I never use to realise how much I loved mornings until I added some of the above to my routine, you might not know how much of a morning person you can be either.