6 Ways to Practice Positivity.

With the natural busy hustle-bustle of life, it’s very easy to get caught up in your to-do list and end up feeling stressed and deflated. I often find, at times, I get so in my head about things I haven’t done or need to do that I forget to appreciate the good things about the present. You can relate? Here are a few tips below to get rid of the dark cloud over your head and to help you keep in mind the positive things you should always stay grateful for.

Think of 5 Things You’re Grateful For Every Day

This is best to do in the morning and I’m telling you, if you’re patient with this, this can be a game-changer for your everyday mood. This shifts your mindset to focus on the good rather than the negative, that’s why it’s important to set the tone of your day off on a grateful note rather than waking up and the first thing you think of being, ‘I had a rubbish sleep’, ‘I can’t be bothered to work’ or ‘I’m not looking forward to facing this person today.’ Instead, you’ll think things like ‘I had a great evening last night’ ‘I’m so lucky to be waking up to the love of my life’ and ‘I can’t wait to have a cup of delicious coffee.’

Celebrate Every Little Victory

When you have a lot of things to do, it’s so easy to complete a task and then continue to worry about all of the other things you still have to do. Next time, take at least 2 seconds to feel some happiness about ticking that task off of your list. A great exercise to practice this is to write a really simple list of things you can easily get done. When you do these things, tick them off and really feel that relief! This is great to make you feel a bit better when you’re on a downer.

Write a List of Things You Love to do and do Them More Frequently

This is something I learned from the book ‘Get rich lucky bitch’ by Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise meant this in more a money-focused way but this can be applied to everyday life too! This also can be a very simple list. For example, take some time during the day to put a face mask on whilst you complete some of your to do’s, have a glass of wine and read a book, go and grab coffee with a friend, etc..


Force Yourself to Get Stuff Done When Needed

It’s so easy to find yourself in a rut. You feel down, therefore you get lazy because you’re not in the mood to do anything, and then you feel more down because you haven’t done any of the things you’re supposed to do and then the cycle repeats. BREAK THE CYCLE. If you use the best kind of love on yourself (I’m talking about tough love) and get up and get stuff done when you need to even though it feels really difficult, then you stop that cycle. I’m not saying don’t chill out when you’re not in the mood and you feel like you need to practice some self-care, but know when to stop.

Watch an Episode of Queereye

If you haven’t yet watched an episode of Queereye and don’t know what it’s all about, go and watch it NOW! (Unless you have stuff to do then do that first) I’ve found that this is one of the best places to find motivation if you’re feeling down or lazy. Queereye will talk about and show people how to get their whole lives together! And though they’re helping someone else out more directly, just watching it is a massive help. After watching an episode I always get a massive buzz to sort my whole entire life out!


Dress to Impress

It’s true, when you look good, you feel good. (Funnily enough, this sounds like something Johnathon from Queer Eye would say.) It’s not vain like some people think, it’s simply a fact. So do your makeup and hair all nice, put on some Instaglow, put on your favourite outfit and do this all after lathering in a nice hot bath with a face mask on (this is currently what I’m doing while writing this.) No, your problems won’t all disappear, but you’ll feel better when facing them.