Why You Should Stop What You’re Watching and Watch Queereye Instead.

We have so much choice in terms of what we can watch on TV nowadays but let’s be completely honest, most of the things that we watch aren’t exactly inspirational. That’s where Queereye is different. Queereye is motivational but very entertaining at the same time. It has the best of both worlds and that’s why you need to watch it. Now.

Here are some of the things that Queereye can teach people that can boost the quality of your everyday life. (You still need to watch it though, it’s so heartwarming to watch this advice transform people’s lives.)

1. How to be honest with yourself but still kind.

In the last episode of series 4, the person the Fab 5 are helping has a very dirty house. There’s no nice way to say it. However, the Queereye squad dealt with it perfectly! They didn’t shame him, but they encouraged him to see that it’s not okay to live like that! This is the perfect example of how to deal with situations like this not just with other people, but when we need to admit things to ourselves. Being honest, but not being harsh or mean.

2. Self-care is for everyone and it’s doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Self-care isn’t just good for the skin, it’s good for the soul. Just taking at least 5 minutes every day to do something to treat your skin, body, hair, etc. will obviously benefit that as well as your confidence.


3. Forget about stereotypes whether you fit them or not. Just be you.

On the first-ever episode of Queereye, the fab 5 help a gay man who was so caught up on not dressing bold because he didn’t want people to know he was gay by what he was wearing. The fab 5 helped him realise that him just being unapologetically himself is always enough and it was absolutely okay to dress chilled and relaxed but if he wanted to switch it up and dress a bit louder, he shouldn’t feel ashamed to do so. The point is, stereotypes are bullshit and it’s something we all struggle with. Some members of the fab 5 even had their moments! At first, Bobby was apprehensive about connecting with the religious guests on the show and Karamo didn’t know how to feel about meeting and helping a cop because of the views they may have about him. Turns out, they didn’t even have those views and they caused themselves unnecessary stress. Moral of the story, be unapologetically yourself no matter what people think.


4. Healthy eating can be fun and tasty

A lot of people think that healthy eating is a chore and if you’re doing it wrong it can be. Food should be enjoyed but it should be good for us too and this is where Antoni comes in. In one of the episodes in the first season, he says that after you cook a good healthy meal, you get a rewarding feeling after and I agree! So cook yourself something healthy and delicious and get the best of both worlds!


5. When you look good, you feel good

This is something I think I’ve said on this blog so much because yes yes yes! Some people feel like taking care of yourself and always looking good is superficial but no one is saying you have to wear heels and be dressed to the nines every single minute of the day. And besides, everyone’s definition of looking good is different. Do what looks and feels good to you and do it as much as you possibly can because you’ll gain self-love and confidence in the process!

6. There’s cool stuff in almost every town, you’re probably just not taking advantage of it

On Karamo’s outings, the guests sometimes say something like ‘Why are we here?’ or ‘I didn’t even know this was here!’ The majority of people have so many hidden gems around their area that they’re not taking advantage of! So think of this as your first Karamo outing, go out and explore your area and find new places you love that you could fit into your life. This could be a coffee shop, a bar or even a park!


And finally, watching Queereye taught me that I need Bobby to come and redecorate my house.

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These are some of the most amazing tips but you can learn so much more if you actually go and watch the show yourself. So switch on your TV, get your Netflix loaded up and chill whilst watching motivational bliss.