The Sunday Routine That’ll Prepare You For The Horror That Is Monday.

Do you hate your Sunday evenings because you’re filled with Monday dread? No one can take away the Monday’s… but there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to make your Monday (and your whole week) at least a little bit better

Plan your week:

This will get rid of some of the stresses of every day, cut down your rushing around time and get prepared and pumped for what this week has in store for you!

Got a big work presentation? Get prepared. Got a test? Get prepared. Sundays are the perfect day for this kind of thing – do this all in your pajamas from your bed or sofa! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get ready to face the week by knowing what you’re facing! PS – make sure you fit in some fun time and some you time into your schedule!



It sounds like this is one of the last things you’d want to do on a Sunday! But the truth is, if your surroundings are organised, your brain will automatically feel more organised. Wake up to a beautifully clean and tidy bedroom on Monday morning.

Pick out your Monday morning outfit:

Monday might be one of those days where you feel like you need more sleep than other days – we pretty much can all relate to that. it’s your job to make that possible! Sort out everything that you need for the morning (your outfit, your breakfast, etc) and you may get to spend an extra 5-10 minutes in bed! Monday’s are hard enough, you don’t want to spend the morning rushing around.


Meal prep:

This is so effective if you’re being healthy because this stops you from slipping during the week. You don’t have to prepare for every meal – that’ll just make things difficult. But prepare what you can and plan the rest so that you’re ready to fill yourself with goodness and feel good during the week.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you look good you feel good. Sunday is the perfect day to treat your skin, your hair and body. Monday is going to be so much better when your hair and skin are glowing right?


Relax and get a good nights sleep:

Yes despite all of this, you will be able to fit in some needed Sunday relaxation. Have a Netflix binge and get an early night, you have a busy week ahead of you.