Games You Can Play On Your Phone To Pass The Time.

You may have watched every single film and TV series on every streaming service possible. If so, this means it’s time to find something else to pass the time. I personally have enjoyed playing games on my phone. Here are the ones I recommend:

  • Property Brothers

Design and build your dream home and play a candy crush like game to earn money for furniture and decor.

  • Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Join Kim Kardashian on a Red Carpet Adventure and live the luxury life.

  • Temple Run

Run for your life as you are being chased through a jungle with lots of obstacles.

  • Subway Surfer

Similar to Temple Run but you are being chased by an inspector on train tracks.

  • Sims

Do I need to explain this one?

  • Episode, Chapters or Choices

Interactive visual stories where you choose what path your character takes.

  • Candy Crush

I know you’ve played this before and now is the best time to re-download.

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

An interactive Harry Potter game where you have your own Hogwarts experience.

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Craft furniture and create your ideal campsite.

  • Cooking Dash

Flo cooks her way to TV fame as a celebrity chef.