15 Kind Things That You Can Do.

At an awful time like this where both the news and social media are filled with depressing subjects such as COVID-19 and racism, it’s extra important to be kind to ALL. I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has made me realise what is truly important, one of those things being community. Here’s some ways that you can spread joy to those around you during this time, as well as when we can properly communicate in person with those around us.

  • Simply smile at a stranger. It might be just what they need.
  • Pay for someone’s items at a shop.
  • Text a family or friend a kind message about how much you appreciate them.
  • Give water to the homeless.
  • Give people masks and gloves to help them keep safe.
  • Let someone in front of you in a queue.
  • Let someone take your ticket in the car park if you have lots of time left on your ticket.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Give your seat up on the bus for a stranger.
  • If you’ve received good service, leave a generous tip.
  • Give a loved one a gift.
  • Spread positivity online as it’ll be a great change for someone who’s becoming overwhelmed with the negativity.
  • Offer help to someone who needs it. For example, is a stranger carrying heavy bags? Give them a hand.
  • Donate to charity. This can include belongings or money.
  • Sign petitions for important causes that can make a difference.