Why You Should Forgive.

Maya Angelou once called Forgiveness ‘one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself.’ Do people always deserve it? Maybe not. However, forgiving someone for a betrayal of some kind can benefit you more than reliving the betrayal by keeping hate in your heart about the situation. As hard as it may be, finding yourself to forgive someone can give you more peace.

Reasons You Should Forgive:

  • Forgiveness is the best revenge. If someone has hurt you and you forgive them with what looks like ease, it may look like you don’t care as much as the person thought you would. Not because you’re heartless, but because you are so self assured and know what you deserve.
  • You will have peace of mind as forgiving is the first step to moving forward.
  • Getting rid of the hatred that you feel will not only make you feel better, but may make your loved ones feel better as they obviously wouldn’t want to see you hurt. Also, we often take our anger out on those closest to us and letting go of the pain will prevent this from happening or continuing.
  • If someone has hurt you, they don’t deserve the power to remain in your mind to continue the hurt. Take that power away by forgiving them. Sometimes you need to kill people with kindness and be the bigger person.

Although forgiveness is the healthiest option, it may not be the healthiest decision to remain close to someone who has betrayed and hurt you so much. Mentally forgiving someone doesn’t mean that someone should stay in your life. However, everyone deserves a second chance. The decision is yours.