What You Need To Know About The Current Crisis in Yemen.

It comes as no surprise that the media have been failing to inform people of a tragedy that is being faced right now. This is probably because this crisis is happening in Yemen. However, many people on social media have taken it upon themselves to reveal to the world what the people of Yemen are currently going through. We here at MOOD felt that it was important to do our part by also telling people about the crisis in Yemen, if they have not already read it elsewhere.

Yemen is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in 100 years as they are not only fighting off COVID-19, but also cholera. This is of course on top of the issues that they are already dealing with which include famine and war. As a result of this, their healthcare system has collapsed. Here are some statistics that will show you how bad Yemen were suffering even before they were struck by COVID-19.

  • 19.7 million Yemeni citizens are without proper healthcare.
  • Starvation has led to severe developmental issues for Yemeni children.
  • Sanitary water structures are failing which has lead to water contamination and a spike in Cholera cases.
  • 4 out of 5 Yemeni children are diagnosed with illnesses linked to famine.

It is feared that COVID-19 could completely wipe out the people of Yemen.

How You Can Help: